Wave Wanderer Swim Nappy

Wave Wanderer Swim Nappy


This beautiful nautical swim nappy keeps things were they ought to be while bub enjoys the water. Neutral and functional, a swim nappy really is the cloth nappy for all Aussie babies. Use with Angus The Labels wet bag for minimal fuss. With 20 width changing snaps and 9 length changing snaps this swim nappy will grow with bub, elasticated waist and leg openings make for Australias comfiest swim nappies!


Product Information

  • Synthetic waterproof cover
  • Soft, breathable mesh lining
  • Grows with baby, suitable for babies between 3.5-16kg's
  • Care and Maintenance

    Step 1: remove any solids into the toilet

    Step 2: rinse under the tap or in a short rinse cycle in machine

    Step 3: wash in normal wash cycle keeping temperature at 40°C or below

    Step 4: hang out to dry in shade or gentle sun


    Keep cycle temperature at 40°C or below to maintain integrity of waterproof shell for as long as possible. Stains not removed with sunlight can be soaked out with a warm water and stain remover soak.