Tan Nappy

Tan Nappy


On trend and discreet even under white clothing. The tan Angus the label modern cloth nappies have 20 width changing snaps and 9 length changing snaps which along with elasticated waist band and leg openings, making for Australia's comfiest cloth nappies. Two piece bamboo inserts will cater for light and heavy wetters. These gorgeous nappies grow with your baby and are a must have for anyone embarking on a cloth nappy journey.

  • Stylish synthetic waterproof cover
  • Soft micro suede lining
  • Two piece insert; 85% bamboo, 15% cotton
  • Hybrid Nappy- pocket and snap inserts
  • AI3- All in Three Nappy. Can be used as AI2- All in Two
  • Grows with your baby, suitable for babies between 3.5kg and 16kg
  • Also available in white or grey


  • Nappy Care and Maintenance


    1. Soak inserts overnight in water
    2. Wash inserts and shells with washing powder/liquid
    3. Line dry in partial sun or cool tumble dry
    4. Fit nappy to baby. Recommended newborn fit: tightest length setting with overlapping waist bands.


    1. Remove solids
    2. Wash the days nappies on short cycle (each day)
    3. When you have 3/4 of a load run main wash at 40 degrees (every 3 days max). Use a long wash, 2+ hours is ideal.
    4. Line dry in partial sun or cool tumble dry