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Angus The Label was at its inception a curated nappy bag business! All products designed specifically for travelling light with durable quality and effortless packing into a custom designed nappy bag for under the pram or in the car. Everything is inspired by nature; everything is designed with the idea of giving parents the confidence to get outside with their babies sooner. The palette is neutral and designed to be calming and grounding, everything you need as a new parent. Now having branched out into nappy caddies and nursery items we have everything you need as a parent on the go. To start you can choose from a curated pre packed nappy bag or bundle, or custom build your own using the baby go felt nappy bag.  The Angus the Label cloth nappies and reusable wipes are sustainably produced and are all machine-washable, ensuring that nothing goes into landfill. Using cloth nappies is a labour of love and brings you closer to your baby. It is about focusing on what is important, reducing consumption and living slowly and mindfully. One of the brand’s most popular products is a swim nappy, and Angus The Label has expanded to include beach towels for toddlers and kids, accessories like dummy clips and teethers, and nursery items.

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