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Swaddle Blankets & Knit Baby Blankets at Angus the Label

At Angus the Label we know how important it is to keep your baby warm and comfortable. A custom designed stretch swaddle blanket is the perfect way to swaddle your baby comfortably with light and breathable cotton. Beautiful knit baby blankets are sure to make any little one feel cozy and comfortable. The perfect addition to nappy bag and nursery these cotton knit baby blankets come in a variety of neutral and muted tones which make for the perfect textured colour palette.

Here at Angus the Label, we have a passion for the environment. All of our knit baby blankets are sustainably and mindfully manufactured, so you can be assured that what you’re buying is ethically sourced and made with the highest quality materials. Our knit baby blankets are sure to keep your little one warm and snug - perfect for cuddling up in! 


Wether looking for a swaddle blanket or knit baby blanket that is both cosy, environmentally friendly and beautiful, look no further than Angus the Label. Visit us today to find the perfect knit baby blanket for your tiny bundle of joy.

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