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Genderless clothing is the future of baby & kids fashion.

Gender-neutral trends in adult fashion have spilled into the world of baby and children’s clothing, heralding a more sustainable era for the industry. Sunshine Coast mumpreneur and owner of baby brand ‘Angus the Label’ Emma Kenney says a shift in customer preferences towards genderless and unisex baby and kids’ clothing has been gathering pace. “Genderless clothing is the future of kids' fashion and lends perfectly to a lifestyle of minimalism and sustainability,” said Emma. “Without being cut or embellished to be stereotypically boyish or girlish, genderless clothing can be worn by multiple siblings, handed down easily, and is suitable for almost every occasion.” Coolum Beach-based Emma established ‘Angus the Label’ a year and a half ago, just after the birth of her first son, Angus. The brand specialises in ethically-produced, genderless and unisex clothing, with some pieces designed to adjust to more gender-specific fits if desired. “Angus The Label really has taken neutral baby clothing to the next level,” said Emma. “Take our striped flare overalls, for example; when the straps are crossed at the back, the overalls immediately look more girly. “The cream ribbed knit leggings can be paired with more typically boyish or girly colours to elevate the look. “The range also includes pieces that are more typically girly or boyish, but we are seeing that genderless clothing is the future of baby and kids’ clothing.”

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