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Get Your Baby Swimwear and Baby Nappy Bags at Angus the Label

If you want to keep your baby looking stylish while they explore the big blue, then Angus the Label's selection of baby and kids hooded waffle poncho towels are just what you need. With a variety of colours and to choose from, your little one will be looking their best as they take on the waves. With adult sizes on their way you can even match your mini while you play in the sand. Make it easier to get to the ocean or swimming lessons at the pool with a curated Baby Go Swim Nappy Bag which includes a reusable swim nappy, wet bag and felt nappy bag for convenience. And when it's time to go, simply throw your swim nappy in to the wet bag, don your waffle ponchos and hit the road. Angus the Labels great selection of baby nappy bags are perfect for any adventure. 


Here at Angus the Label, we have a passion for the environment, so our products are ethically and sustainably designed to be practical, beautiful, of extremely high quality and timelessly neutral so that they could be used over and over and passed down to friends and family. We are dedicated to  creating products to make our little ones' experiences, and ours, wonderful. Theres no better way to dip your toes in the waters of sustainability that with a reusable swim nappy.


Don't miss out on the chance to dress your little one in style - check out Angus the Label for all of your baby swimwear and baby nappy bag needs! Whether it's a day at the beach or a Saturday morning swimming lesson, you can be sure that your baby will look their best with these unique pieces. Our beautiful selection of hooded swim towels will keep your little one warm and cozy on the car ride home. Shop now and make sure they are ready for anything life throws their way. These beautiful earth-friendly products were mindfully designed for the needs of a new parent. We are proud of the products we make and hope that you'll love them for your little one too!  Shop Angus the Label today!

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